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2016 66th General Service Conference agenda summaries.

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   Northern Area General Servi Committee Meeting

                          Hosted by NAGSC

NAGSC Agenda                                    March 12, 2016                                                                                                                   

South Reno United Methodist Church

200 De Spain Lane

Reno, NV 89511 (off of Mt. Rose Hwy)

12:00 DCM & Standing Committee Chairs

1:00 NAGSC  Meeting (in the Sanctuary)

Serenity Prayer


Reading taken from conference approved lit.

Approval of minutes – December 5, 2015 Meeting  ~ Treasurer’s Report

DCMs, Committee Chairs, Officer Reports: Reports shall not be read at the meeting. Send your reports to Laura’s email; to be included in the meeting Minutes.  Thank you to the summarizers of the GSC Agenda Items Presentations.      

1:30 Adjourn to Round Tables: TOPICS PRESENTED HERE ARE: 

#1 Finance D.  Discuss Self-Support                                                        #2 Policy / Admissions   B. Review Report on GSC Observers                #3 C P C  C.  Consider adding text to Alcoholic in the Workplace.         #4 Literature A. Consider developing plain language version / Big Book

Next meeting: June 4, 2016 ~ Delegate’s Annual GSC Report 1:00 PM

Location: Sparks Nugget Casino, Sparks, NV (Same location and weekend as SWACYPAA)

Close with the Responsibility Declaration